The List

The following is what I like to call “THE FIELDS LIST.” It is a compiled list of nearly every movie that I have ever seen. I say “nearly” because I haven’t been keeping this list my entire life, but rather a hobby that I started about three years ago. Therefore, I’ve been filling the list with movies mostly by memory, so, I’m sure there are a few titles out there that I’ve seen and either can’t remember or cannot recollect if they’re already posted.

The Mitchell List is named after a college professor named Mitchell Fields who I mentored under at my undergrad. He kept a similar list, one that actually dwarves mine by about four times over. However, he’s been keeping his for nearly forty years while I am still blossoming in my critiquing years. Mitchell gave me a better appreciation for films and all aspects of them. His teachings have had a lasting impact on me and this list is a tribute to him.

The list is split up into two different partitions, both of which are just different ways of displaying the films. One is a ranking system, and the other, an alphabetical. Both of these list the films’ years and respective letter grades.

The ranked list, however, has a complex rating system. They are listed, primarily, based on their letter grades. However, after that, they are ranked by a tiered system of a one to ten, using decimal places of two tenths. I didn’t want to just rank the films one after another (e.g. 1. “8 1/2,” 2. “The Godfather,” 3. “Bonnie and Clyde”) because it’s just really difficult to justify that one film is exactly one spot better than another film thousands of times. Therefore, the films that are ranked in their two tenths’ group are pretty much on the same keel. After that, the groupings are listed chronologically.

For further explanation on what my rankings mean, you can consult my Review Guide located either through the link or in the tabs above.

I know that a big consequence of posting this list is that people will incessantly object to either not having seen a film or for having either two high or low opinion of certain movies. But I am still young and only human so I have a lot left to see in this lifetime and my opinions are my own and I reserve the right to keep them. Therefore, this list gives people the opportunity to pick my brain and see what I think of all the films I’ve ever seen, and discussion is always welcome. In fact, I don’t read through the entire list every day and I’m always shifting things around based on how a movie grows or fades on me. So if you see something questionable, it just might get changed if you convince me.

The ranked list, by the way, is also categorized by year, genre, director, main cast, and the amount of Academy Awards a movie has won or been nominated for. Also, the green highlights are films that have been nominated for Best Picture, and the gold ones have won that award.

I will try to keep this list updated, weekly, with all of the films, both new and old, that I see.

I actually have another partition of this list which contains all of my personal award-winners in every category going back to 1940, but it needs a lot of tweaking and is not ready for publication, yet. But hopefully soon. We shall see. For now, I give you:


Click the link above and have at it.

  1. Holly Hubbard
    March 31, 2011 at 4:04 pm

    I just wanted to say I love your blog and I read it whenever you post updates on Facebook. I completely appreciate your respect for Mitchell fields.

    • April 4, 2011 at 9:53 am

      Thanks very much. Do you know if Mitchell, himself, or anyone else from B-W reads it?

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