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“2011 Portfolio” Montage

December 6, 2011 Leave a comment


Oh, how much I love a good montage. They really are the central core of my happiness every once in a while. That’s another reason why I love this time of year, when some young whiz with Final Cut Pro creates a montage of all the films of the past year. I’m not gonna lie, this has got to be one of the best that I’ve ever seen. Credit given to the folks at Awardsdaily for finding this gem. Even though it runs a little long and is a little too action-oriented at times, it honestly makes me wonder why I seem to have such a disdain for this year in film (which has been growing in my mind as of late). In particular, it makes me wish that I hadn’t missed “Like Crazy” when it played only a couple of blocks from where I live.

The montage goes through five rounds of music and never seems to get boring or repetitive. Perhaps the only thing I bemoan is the amount of illegally downloaded content might have been achieved for the success of this. Hopefully, I’m mistaken.

Regardless, enjoy this fantastic montage. It makes even the bad movies look pretty damned fantastic.

My “Separation of Church and State” Montage

As I said, earlier in the year, I planned on including more than just commentary on this site. I also intend to feature content that I have created or worked on as a filmmaker, as well. I had posted the production stills and trailer for a short film that I had gotten the chance to work on in late winter, titled “Blood on the Plain.” Production of that film will be resuming soon and there will surely be some phenomenal work to be advertised. Recently, I also gripped on a short film titled “A Tribal El Community.” It’s the first student film ever to be sanctioned to shoot on the Chicago Transit Authority’s train system. Hopefully I will have some photos from that production, soon, as well.

On top of lighting work, I have also dabbled in editing from time to time. I thought I would share a montage that I made for my Editing Styles and Techniques class earlier this year. The topic of my project was the separation of church and state, an issue that I believe is burning our country alive. As some of my readers know, I am an athiest (actually borderline agnostic). While I respect other people’s decision to believe in religion, I prefer it be kept the hell away from me. Therefore, it kills me to see that our country, founded on religious freedom, has become so heavily tied in with Christian ideals and beliefs, both morally and politically.

Quite frankly, this issue is, for me, the epicenter of 90% of what’s wrong with this country. It’s why women may have to fear dying from back alley abortions. It’s why our children are growing up ignorant enough to believe that the world was created in seven days. It’s why millions of people remained plagued with horrible, debilitating illness (because God says we’re not allowed to find a cure for them). It’s why gay people cannot find there place as equal members of society (which they are; any debate on this issue is frivolous) and why humans may never find an ultimate solution to global warming. In other words, the Christian grasp of this country is what is preventing our civilization from moving forward.

Anyway, enough of my preaching. Let’s move on to the montage. This is, by standards, a found footage montage, meaning that it is assembled from dozens of different sources. Those who listen carefully will be able to tell immediately what musical choice I made for the piece. I’ve also used elements from perhaps my favorite feature documentary, “Jesus Camp,” which, to this day, remains the scariest movie I’ve ever seen in my life. The rest is assembled from various sources and websites. Hope everyone enjoys it and perhaps it might spark some debate.

The Beauty of Pixar by Leandro Copperfield

December 31, 2010 Leave a comment

This is a great little compilation made of all the films made by Pixar in its 15 year existence. I use the term “little” lightly, for it is actually quite expansive. If there are any folks out there not convinced of the leaps and bounds that this studio has taken to advance the form of not only animation, but cinema as a whole. Some of these films I like, some of them I’m not to crazy about, and some of them absolutely changed my life. After incredible, game-changing movies like “Finding Nemo” and “Wall-E,” I wasn’t sure what more they could possibly present to the public…and then came “Toy Story 3.” The original has been my favorite animated film for quite a long time, and I’m not convinced that the third installment doesn’t just pass it right by. What a phenomenal experience that will hopefully stand the test of time just as the original did.

Here is a touching tribute to everything Pixar has done for cinema. Credit to Leandro Copperfield for such a great montage.

[NOTE: Well, sorry about the mishap, there. It appears YouTube put an embed restriction on this guy. Just click the “Watch on YouTube” in the box and it will take you directly there. Apologies.]

“Filmography 2010” Montage by Gen I.

December 14, 2010 5 comments

There is quite simply nothing that I enjoy more than a good montage, especially one edited with such stellar technique and gravitas as this one. While I would have like to have seen a few more of the year’s more impacting films on here, this is still a rush. What a treat. Well done.