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NEW “Super 8” Trailer

March 12, 2011 Leave a comment

I know I’m a couple of days behind the curve on posting this, but better late than never. J.J. Abrams’ new film “Super 8” has got to be one of the most highly anticipated and secretive projects of the year. This new trailer has given the greatest amount of information and clues into the film’s plot, characters and events.

J.J. Abrams has always been kind of a question mark for me. I’ve always thought that “Mission Impossible III” was a ridiculous piece of garbage. “Lost” was a great show, but I’m not sure how much credit I actually want to give Abrams, himself, for it. “Star Trek” was definitely an exciting and satisfying piece of cinema, so that has definitely improved his image, in my mind. However, I can remember all of the talk referring to this young hotshot as the next Steven Spielberg, and I’m not sure anything could convince me of that.

Until now. Not gonna lie, this movie has me stoked. If Abrams can successfully pull off this venture, than he will in no doubt be placed in the cream of the crop of young directors working to change the face of cinema for the better. With the threads of nostalgia that I’ve felt sewn into all of the spectacular action and suspense, I wouldn’t doubt it if this film becomes the “Inception” of the year, and ending up with a Best Picture nomination from the Oscars come January.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. With this trailer, the film has a LOT to live up to. We shall find out if it, and Abrams, are all they’re cracked up to be come July. In the meantime, watch the trailer, below. There are no HD versions available on Youtube, yet. Therefore, if you’re hungry for higher resolution, click the Twitter link below the embed.

One more note: how cool is it to see Spielberg producing under the Amblin Entertainment logo, again? This trailer is the mayor of nostalgia city.


HD Version from Twitter

Best Super Bowl Movie Previews

February 6, 2011 Leave a comment

I’m not always a loyal Super Bowl watcher, but for this time around, I had an even greater sense of malaise towards it than normal. I live in Chicago and grew up in Cleveland. Therefore, seeing the arch rivals of both of my teams battle it out wasn’t exactly generating any huge interest in my mind. No matter who won, I would be pissed. Therefore, I found my refuge in the ads of the night, in particular, the film previews.

Aside from “Battle: Los Angeles” (which I’ve already posted quite a bit of footage for, already), there were three teasers that I had me pretty stoked. “Cowboys vs. Aliens” upped their amount of footage on display from the teaser released last year. Still looks as fun as ever. We also got our first look at J.J. Abrams incredibly secret project “Super 8.” The film literally looks like a direct crossover between “E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial” and “The Iron Giant,” and that’s not a bad get. Having Steven Spielberg’s name plastered on it didn’t alter that perception.

However, there was one teaser that absolutely stood above the rest. Unbelievably, and I mean UNBELIEVABLY, it is “Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon.” Let’s face it, that spot was awesome. Maybe it was the press release a few weeks back in which Michael Bay, himself, admitted that “Revenge of the Fallen” was a giant turd and he promised that this one would get it right. Maybe it’s the news that “The Dark Knight Rises” production might be pulling completely out of Chicago and it was amazing to see the second city featured so strongly in a film. Maybe it’s the fact that my girlfriend and about twenty of my friends worked on the film. Whatever it is, I have surprisingly, and possibly shamefully, become incredibly excited for this film. God help us all.

Check out the spots for all 3 films below: