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NEW “Captain America” Trailer

March 24, 2011 Leave a comment

God, I miss Oscar season. After getting a glimpse of the latest Avenger movie at the Super Bowl, Paramount has now given fanboys a full trailer for “Captain America: The First Avenger.” It definitely features a lot more backstory and also offers a bit of a look at who the opposition will be. I’m sure this movie will go on to make lots and lots of money. I have friends who’ve never touched a comic book in their lives who have been waiting for this film for ten years.

Meanwhile, I just can’t get excited about this flick. I’ll see it, for sure, but there’s something about a World War II super soldier going gung ho against Nazis with a big colorful shield doesn’t seem appealing to me. It could also just be that I hate Chris Evans and have no idea why he’s made it as big as he has. Overall though, I’m really just over the whole “Avenger” clusterf*ck that’s going on right now. It’s like every single movie featuring an Avenger is no longer standing alone in his own film, but instead just revving things up for the eventual collaborative super hero super movie. All of this is just building up way too much expectations and, moreover, just too much damn hype. I’m already over the movie and it hasn’t even gone into production yet.

Anyway, enjoy the new “Captain America” trailer. Either watch the embed, below, or click the link to be taken to the better-looking Apple HD version.

Apple HD

Darren Aronofsky has moved on from “Wolverine”

March 17, 2011 Leave a comment

I guess that one could react to this news in many different ways. I imagine that having an experienced and talented director taking on a comic book franchise would a refreshing change of pace. Jon Favreau aced the first “Iron Man” movie (though that was a surprise, if anything else). Christopher Nolan obviously knocked Batman completely out of the park. Seeing an edgy and dark personality tackle an X-Men film might be interesting.

Hard to believe I’ve been reading numbskulls on IMDB talking about how happy they are because Darren Aronofsky because he’s not talented enough and would have ruined the series. I shall refrain.

Honestly, I am happy about this news, as well. Yet, I am joyed for a different reason. Quite frankly, Aronofsky is too good for this. “Black Swan” is not my favorite movie of his, but it’s definitely a hell of a breakthrough for him. He has the potential to basically do whatever he wants with his career, at this point, and I’m sure he has some better ideas in his head then the sequel to a prequel of a comic book movie. Aronofsky is a brilliant and original mind and he should helm those qualities with pride and “Wolverine” would seem to put them on hold for a year or so. Quite frankly, I can’t wait that long.

Here’s to what hopefully comes instead.