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NEW – Battle: Lost Angeles Trailer

January 17, 2011 Leave a comment

When will this movie’s publicity campaign stop impressing me? I really want to know. While this trailer is not quite as mysterious and fatefully originally crafted as the teaser. However, it still has my attention absolutely stoked. Several more elements have been introduced here that certainly bring a little more to the table. The visual effects still look incredible and the tension and mood still seem legit. With a little luck, this could be an darker version of “Independence Day” for a new generation.

All in all, I can imagine anything except being completely disappointed. And yet, for now, I am going to enjoy this.

Check out the new trailer below:

“Battle: Los Angeles” Trailer

November 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Even though I don’t hold “District 9” up to be the masterpiece that so many think it is, there is one thing that I really have to thank it for. It has created such a new resurgence in alien movies. There’s “Skyline” (which I actually won’t be thanking anyone for) as well as “Monsters,” which I will finally be screening next weekend. Now, Columbia Pictures has finally released the trailer for the much anticipated “Battle: Los Angeles.”

Now, I’m aware that this is one of the most horribly pedestrian titles that they could have possibly chosen, and I have no real dreams of high art coming out of this. However, the kid inside me is just hopping mad with excitement. This film looks old school; a hardcore, all-out war between the human military and a horde of feisty aliens, while throwing in some nice elements of realistic, subjective filmmaking. That is a smorgasbord of greatness for this particular moviegoer.

On top of all that, this is a very well-cut trailer. The intro is fantastic. That song is absolutely haunting. The pacing is perfect. The mood is disturbing, emotional and exciting as hell. Hopefully the feature can live up to the stakes this trailer has set.

You can watch it on youtube below:


OR take a few minutes and download the HD Quicktime from Apple trailers (it’s better).