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Trailer for Martin Scorsese’s “Hugo”

Man, it is just raining trailers nowadays, isn’t it? I’m not even posting the half of them.

My response to this trailer is as follows: kids movies are not new territory for Steven Spielberg. While the man has proven he can handle adult drama with the best of them, he has prided himself as a storyteller for all ages. For that I can forgive him every time he comes out with a “Tin Tin,” “Hook” or other such nonsense.

The same cannot be said for Martin Scorsese. Therefore, I have to ask the question of why is he making movies like this. Honestly, is there anyone who’d rather see a this man direct a good, violent adult drama or a children’s adventure film?

I really thought that this would have a much darker or edgier story attached to it, but to me, it looks like an amped version of “Nanny McPhee” or “A Series of Unfortunate Events.” I expect more from a man like that.

Check it out for yourselves and decide what you think: