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Effects Wizards Playing Director…Next Please?

October 3, 2010 1 comment

Wow. You know most god-awful films that I have seen in my lifetime, I’ve usually been drawn into due to an exceptionally cut trailer. Said trailer usually makes the film seem so much better than it really is and thus, disappointment occurs.

The new trailer for the upcoming film “Skyline” seems to completely defy this theory. Quite simply put, I don’t know how this film could actually drop lower than the expectations set by this horrid preview. Sweet Lord, this film looks so horrendous that I’m just speechless. It almost gets me more psyched for how much fun I’ll have blasting it when it finally comes out.

What we have here is a clear-cut example of what happens when gentleman who do a fine job making lots of great effects look super from behind their computer screen try their hand at what goes on behind the camera. Not to rag on all visual effects artists-turned-directors, but lets face it, these are the guys who took a giant shit on so many people’s hopes and dreams with “Alien vs Predator: Requiem.”

You do the math when you check this out, if you dare: