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“Blood on the Plain” Production Stills

As I said, I do intend to have more of a production aspect to this blog. I love reviewing movies and hope to have a career in the commentary process, but working on the films themselves is also quite a passion of mine. Recently, I’ve been doing grip work on a student short destined to take off and potentially be turned into a feature. It’s a contemporary horror/western that takes place in a small Kansas town. A tribe of nomadic creatures, thought to have died out, emerge from their caves to wreak revenge on a small town by slaughtering the high school homecoming.

The film is a joint effort between Water Cooler Productions, Black Apple Media and Dynamite Productions. The director is Mac Eldridge who is also producing, along with Aric Jackson and Kevin McGrail. The director of photography is David Wagenaar, the editor is Tom Dean and the production designer is Caitlin Laingen. The film is being shot on the RED One Camera.

Check out more stills after the cut:

Conrad Steel and the townsfolk at the big town meeting.


Gaffer (Matthew Rivera), Director of Photography (David Wagenaar) and Director (Mac Eldridge) look over a shot.


1st Assistant Director, Stephanie Clemons, stands in for blocking.


The grip crew at work putting up the 12x12s.

Key Grip, Dan Giese, wrangles the half-soft frost.


Blasting the windows with two 9k Maxi Brutes.


Shooting Pearlie May Jacobs, featuring the RED One camera.


Viewing the Sheriff’s speech on the monitor.


James Dodge, looking quite dangerous.


The Arsenal.


David Wagenaar and Kit Garchow, the 1st Assistant Camera Operator, set up the slider.


Our day for night tent.


The Chapman dolly shot at the feed shop.



Still photographers: Catherine Mihaljevic and Chris Vinopal. Additional stills taken by Matthew Rivera and myself.

I should have a teaser trailer posted, soon.

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