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My Favs of the Film Set “Department vs. Department” Videos

These hilarious videos have been a nice source of stress relief for me over the last year. As a film student who spends quite a bit of time on set, it’s very therapeutic and funny as hell to watch members of different film departments going at each other’s throats. Granted, most people don’t act this ridiculous on a film set. It’s normally quite civilized, well-oiled and and fun. However, there’s always THOSE type of people in every profession and everybody asks stupid questions once in a while.

If one looks on Youtube, these videos range from featuring, directors, cinematographers, grips, gaffers, electricians, production designers, actors, extras, casting directors, assistant directors, transportation coordinators, producers and production assistants. There’s ultimately something for everyone’s department or interest. Many of them are absolutely hilarious, but these, featured below, are my favorites. Have fun with them…

For this next one, my girlfriend would kill me if I didn’t post a disclaimer, first. The video rips apart a student who graduated from Full Sail University. It’s important to know that not all students who graduate from said college end up being incompetent. You could go to any film school in the country, including USC and NYU, and end up knowing less than this poor fool. How much you learn about filmmaking in college is based on a decision of your own level of involvement and commitment. If you choose not to get on-set experience before graduating, you’re destined to fail in the future.

That being said, the crack about Full Sail’s water tower is absolutely hilarious.

Having done a lot of key grip work lately, this next one has to be one of my all-time favorites.

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