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Trailer for “Rubber”

Okay. Well, this has got to be the most absurd, ridiculous and laughable ideas for a movie that I have ever seen in my life…….and goddamn it, I can’t wait to see it. This film is pretty much what it looks like. A spontaneously alive tire puts itself on some kind of a journey. But this is no ordinary tire, go figure. This particular wheel has some mean telepathic powers, enabling him to explode birds, individuals’ heads and everything in the like. I’d call that a pretty good deal, especially when you’re a tire.

God knows what to really expect from this movie. For sure it is one of the most original and daring narrative plotlines to ever make their way on the screen. But in this case, you really have to wonder if that’s a really good thing. Somebody had to have been standing over the director’s shoulder saying, “Are we really making a movie about this?” God, tell me there was one soul on the fence.

Regardless, this seems like a movie see. It’s nothing if not wholly intriguing. Check out the outlandish and really quite hilarious trailer below:

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