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TCM’s Tribute Montage 2010

I found this on Sasha Stone’s AwardsDaily and, I’m not gonna lie, it moved me. One can always expect a level of controversy out of the AMPAS’ “In Memoriam” that comes out every year, based on who’s in it, who got left out, who got more screentime than someone else. This kind of scrutiny is bound to come out of a single video that carries with it so much weight and anticipation. That’s why TCM’s is sometimes more enjoyable for they can just let all of that go and ceate something artistic to honor the memory of the fallen. It is also very well cut to Sophie Hunger’s “Headlights,” a beautiful song that will want to download shortly.

Those for Irvin Kirshner, Arthur Penn, Dino de Laurentis and Tony Curtis really pull at my heartstrings.


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