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“Cowboys and Aliens” Trailer

I believe it was only a few days ago when I had said that I was loving the new resurgence of alien invasion-type movies. Now, we get the first trailer from Universal/Dreamworks’ insanely anticipated (by crazy sci fi and comic book fanatics anyway) film “Cowboys and Aliens” I think this flick might be a bit too silly for my taste, but it’s got a phenomenal cast and some great visuals. Good stuff.

  1. January 26, 2011 at 9:35 pm

    While Cowboys and Aliens will not be you typical western like “True Grit” I think is will change the way that people look and both westerns alike but as for the Sci-Fi western this is really nothing that new, remember The Giant Gila Monster in 1959. Although there were no space aliens it was a Western Giant Monster Movie. I think “Cowboys and Aliens is going to surprise a-lot of people, but if not at least it will better than “Abraham Lincoln Vampire Killer”

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