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The Dark Knight….what?

So, I’m in the crowd of a great many people who are closely following the next chapter in Christopher Nolan’s Batman franchise (and not just because it is filming in Chicago and I am hoping to work on it). Therefore, I thought it right to post what I’m sure many have already read: the film has a title.

The bad news is that it’s probably one of the most unoriginal and, you know what, just plain dumb titles I’ve ever heard. “The Dark Knight Rises.” What? They just added a word to the title of the last film. Maybe it’s true. Perhaps the Dark Knight really does rise in this movie, but surely you can come up with a better way of saying that.

The good news that came with this announcement is that as far as the new villain goes, it will not be the Riddler. I am personally pretty pleased with this for the reason that I have trouble imagining a way of portraying this character without some severe overlaps to the now legendary role of the Joker. They need to go in a completely different direction with this final villain (or villains) However, I have faith that with Tom Hardy potentially filling that part, they shall prevail.

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