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Full Length “True Grit” Trailer

People are going to think that this is actually a “True Grit” FYC site, but trust me it’s not. However, I was very surprised to see a full length trailer for “True Grit” at an early showing of “The Social Network,” especially after the fantastic teaser was released only a few days beforehand. I’m over the mystery, however, because any fears that this film will not be everything that it can be, including an Oscar contender, should now be assuaged:

True Grit Trailer on Yahoo!

I will try to post a good HD copy as soon as it becomes available.

  1. October 9, 2010 at 12:06 am

    This is why I think it’s going to be an experience. (1) The Coen Brothers people their movies with true “characters”, people that not only dress, but look the part – not a lot of “pretty faces”; (2) They create an atmosphere for their movies, not film noir, but close and they draw you into the story; (3) They get the music right and that always adds pleasure and enhances the movie going experience.

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